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American Quick Service Restaurants

From Foot Traffic to Loyalty: Building Strong QSR Businesses

From Foot Traffic to Loyalty: Building Strong QSR Businesses

From Foot Traffic to Loyalty: Building Strong QSR Businesses

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Most customers have multiple quick service restaurants within their general location that they can choose for any meal or snack. They pass more than one on their way to and from work, while they are going shopping, or during outings with friends and family on the weekend. Foot traffic based on convenient location has always been an integral part of getting customers through your door. However, not only is it generally difficult to change your location if one becomes more popular than another, but it is also an inefficient way to build a strong American QSR business.

Consumers are inundated with options, so it takes more than being in the right place at the right time to grab attention and keep it. Balance getting customers through the door with fostering long-term relationships that inspire repeat visits and advocacy. Your success may start with foot traffic, but the only way to remain in profit is to promote loyalty.

How can your quick service restaurant appeal to frequent diners and convince them to not only come back again and again, but also to tell their friends and family to visit as well?

Build and Promote Strong Loyalty Programs

It may seem obvious, but a QSR loyalty program is a top choice for promoting ongoing support from frequent diners. These have become quite popular in the last few years, and data shows that they are successful at getting people through the door to place an order more often. With the prevalence of restaurant apps, loyalty programs have also become very easy to implement and accessible for everyone.

What should you offer people in exchange for their loyalty? Way back in the earliest days of these types of programs, the most common offer was a free item after the consumer bought a certain number of other ones. This still works because people are more likely to come back for another meal if they know they will get a free one soon.

These days, awarding points for receipt totals is another effective way to get rewards to the most loyal consumers. Giving people the option of what to spend the points on can be more effective, especially with family-style dining or if you offer unique menu options at certain times.

Make Interacting with the QSR Simple and Rewarding

People visit quick service restaurants because they are convenient. They will interact with your app or online platform for the same reason. Keep things simple and make sure every customer knows exactly what benefits they will get from downloading it to their phone or visiting the website on the Internet. Interaction breeds loyalty, but frustration during the process will send people away faster than anything.

Use Personalized Marketing with Effective Offers

People respond well to exclusivity. When you offer deals and promotions that seem specifically targeted to the individual, they are more likely to feel valued. This, in turn, translates into a higher appreciation for your quick service restaurant. People like to feel important, and they especially like to feel rewarded for their loyalty. These can include things like limited time discounts, special events, introductions to new menu items, and more.

Get Involved with the Community

There are two ways to look at this suggestion for building quick service restaurant loyalty. First, it may help to actually engage with the town or city your location exists in. This can also be a great way to increase foot traffic simply by becoming recognizable in places and with programs that local residents care about.

More often these days, involvement focuses on the online community. Engage with customers and interested people on social media and other platforms where they are most likely to hang out. Create a brand personality and let it shine through interactions and entertainment.

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