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American Quick Service Restaurants

"Putting our people and quality of service first is our recipe. We will never stop working hard to provide our staff with the best training in the industry."

- Kareem Nassar


"I love most about AQSR our passion and ability to execute with great teamwork. Our goal is not to be the largest organization but the most efficient and admired."


Kareem Nassar

Chief Executive Officer

"I am so excited to be working with an organization that puts people first. AQSR is like family to me, and I treat everyone I work with the same respect."


George Shorter

Director of Operations

"I take pride in knowing I contribute to the overall success of our organization while being able to do what I love, helping train leaders grow"


Rae Bonner

Director of Training

Texas is just the beginning. AQSR is expanding into several states in 2024 and beyond.